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Black Magic Insurance Agency creates Operation Peachblow, a team-based city-wide treasure hunt, quest, James-Bond-esque caper, high-tech mystery and labyrinthine escapade into the underbelly of the city. We're reality hackers.

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If you have a business in Portland, Oregon that wants to participate (that is, host a clue) by all means contact us: opb at, we'd love to talk. Alternately - If you have an established website let's also chat about how you might be involved.

If you are interested in a double-agent role or want to help with a clue, contact us. Please note that you will receive a 'background check', that is, we will make sure you're not associated with a playing team.

Black Magic Insurance Agency is:
David Cain
Prashant Gandhi
Ben Parzybok
Thane Stumbaugh

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